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International Women’s day is the celebration of social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. The day also allows us to highlight those areas where action is still needed to bring about equality.

For many women it is more than a yearly celebration, but also a time to reflect on the achievements of fellow women, and how we as a society can project accomplishments, big or small.

I have always drawn great strength in the awe inspiring actions of women in business and general life.  These women, who despite daily challenges, shatter glass ceilings and pave the way for other women to feel confident to step up despite the male oriented sectors. My own mother, grandmother’s and aunties have continually showcased to me the great strength women have, and today I credit them for my determination.

This year in particular, International Women’s Day has been a very special occasion for me, as I had created my own business, Yumintum Sweets. In the latter months of 2018, I put to work a concept which started off as a solution as my fiancé’s was unable (vegan) to share the same sweets as me as he did not consume gelatine.

Check out our comic strip below for a cute (but accurate) story of the birth of Yumintum Sweets. As a solicitor, the confectionary market was not my stronghold. There was a lot to learn and understand, but I was passionate about this concept which gave me the driving force (also with the helping hand of my family and friends) to continue pushing through despite the boundaries.

Upon conducting further research into sweets, I found it difficult to understand why it was ‘normal’ to use ingredients such as gelatine (originates from cow/pig bones) and shellac (the resin excretion of the Amazonian lac bug). It became apparent to me that the conversation of using alternatives simply wasn’t happening.

So, I set about trying to spread the word (literally) that there are alternatives, they taste just as great and they can be enjoyed by everybody. I was keen to prove to non-vegans, that vegan products are not just for vegans, this is a change that everyone can incorporate. I have found upon informing people about the ingredients in ‘normal’ sweets, they on a whole, very happily agree that these ingredients are wholly unnecessary.

In addition to producing tasty, cruelty free treats, we as a business are on a Zero Waste journey. Our products are sold in biodegradable packaging, we have also successfully launched our first compostable packaging pot, which houses our very tasty Sugar Free Medley.

My impressions of starting a business in a male dominated industry, though correct, have not stopped me from progressing.

It is safe to say I am feeling very proud of where Yumintum Sweets is today. I have had the very great privilege of sharing my plant based magic with people all over the world, and have worked with many wonderful businesses in the UK. For me personally, seeing women in businesses running successfully inspires me because it gives me the belief and I can do it TOO.

In the next year, I am pledging to work with students of Banda Singh Bahadur High School (India), to provide support, funding and mentorship.

In my view, the key to ensuring equality is to teach it at an early age. It is always more difficult to retrospectively influence somebody’s thinking patterns.

There is still so much to be done for and in support of women, it is a long journey that we must all (male or female) must contribute to.

So, here is to every accomplishment that happen daily by the fabulous women in our world, but also a commitment to continually improve, inspire and engage with women to undo centuries worth of inequality faced in the past, and combat it presently.

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