About us

Who are we?

Check out our comic strip below for a cute and simplified version of how Yumintum Sweets formed!

As you will see, we are two apples in love, wanting to spread our passion for plant based magic.

Our Mission

  • Our mission at Yumintum is to get everybody eating vegan sweets whether or not they are vegan or vegetarian. Our thinking is, if it looks, tastes and feels the same, why not! We do not believe animal based substances are required to enjoy sweets. Have a try of our sweets and let us know if you think something is missing…so far the feedback has been good!
  • We promote kindness towards all beings and encourage everyone to make small steps towards a cruelty free lifestyle.
  • We are committed to working towards zero waste, and strive for to take better care of the planet. We commit to this cause by ensuring all of our packaging is biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

We hope you will support us, and in return we will give you some plant based magic!




How Yumintum Started. Chapter 1: Fall in Love: Mehar and Kenny
How Yumintum Started. Chapter 1: Problem: No Vegan Sweet For Kenny
How Yumintum Started. Chapter 3: Solution: Mehar Creating Vegan Sweets
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